The rapid evolution of technology has given us smartphones that are more powerful than ever before. Indeed, some new mobile devices can even compete against some computers who have middle tier GPU.

And yet, many people are finding they have to charge their phone more often because the battery seems to drain so quickly.

What’s going on? Is your phone really charging so slow or is it just a misunderstanding? It’s hard to know for sure what the problem is without some detective work.

Here are four possible reasons why your phone may be charging so slow, and solutions on how to fix it.

1. The phone’s battery is old and needs to be replaced

If your phone’s battery capacity is slowly dropping over time, the slow charging speed you are experiencing may be due to an old battery. Old batteries will not retain as much power as newer ones, so it takes longer for it to charge fully. It also leads to erratic power fluctuations. To remedy this issue, you should look into replacing the battery of your phone.

If you don’t find this option cost-effective, you may opt to get a power bank instead. If you want to use it as an emergency charger when your battery is low, make sure that the output wattage of the power bank exceeds that of your phone. For example, if your smartphone requires 5 watts, you should get a power bank that outputs 5 watts or more.

This way, your phone will charge faster when in reserve.

2. The charger is no longer working properly

Chargers are often the cause of slow charging issues. If your phone charges slowly all of a sudden, it might not be because your phone is slowing down — it might be because your charger is no longer working properly and needs replacing.

It’s also possible that you may need to replace your USB cable or plug if they’re damaged. If you think that your charger or cable might be damaged, try connecting the charger to another device. If it charges faster when connected to a different phone, there’s a good chance your original phone doesn’t have the same problem with its charging parts.

3. The USB port is damaged and needs to be replaced

If you have a USB port, but it is damaged and causing charging to be slower, you may need to replace the USB port. If the charging dock is also damaged or broken, it may also need to be replaced. You can replace your USB port or charging dock by having a professional repair it.

A replacement for the USB port will typically cost $50 on average.

Replacing the charging dock will vary in price depending on how much it needs to be replaced or machined, and may cost anywhere from $15-40.

4. You have a lot of apps running in the background that slow down the charge

Applications that run in the background can lead to a slow charge.

Indeed, apps like Facebook, Snapchat and Candy Crush require a lot of energy to work and use most of your battery life during usage.

To fix this, you should close all apps and place your phone on airplane mode while charging.

By doing this your phone will only focus on the charging job.

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