Every device comes with wireless signals connection for better Internet access. However, getting the right Wifi signal strength isn’t easy because of various reasons.

Find out what a Wifi signal strength is and ways to improve your Wifi signal strength.

About a Wifi signal strength

Wifi signal strength is measured using decibels and received signal strength. Getting a good Wifi signal strength depends on location, device, and proximity.

Most homes should have nothing less than – 65 dBm to – 55 dBm to be assured a good signal strength. To enjoy a fast online Internet connection, one has to get a Wifi signal strength of about – 69dmb. If your devices can’t get one who is in within this range, start looking for better options to improve it.

Ways to Improve your Wifi signal strength

Those with poor Wifi signal strength will need to improve it. To do this, you must follow certain indications.

Change the position of your router

An excellent way to give your Wifi a better strength is moving your router to a better location. A normal router has a range of 200 feet. Though this might be enough many impediments might hinder the Wifi. Getting a better position can have a huge impact on a better Internet connection.

Seek for equipment that may be interfering with the connection

Generally, Wifi uses radio frequencies to process signals. It is therefore quite possible that your Wifi strength might be low because of equipment interference. Some devices which might affect Wifi strength are microwaves, power sockets, telephones, and TV.

Get a better wireless router channel

Find a better wireless router channel depends a lot on the type of wireless router you have. Individuals living in flats or highly dense areas may be affected by interference from neighbors’ routers. If you notice that your Wifi signal is low, check if that of a neighbor is affecting it and change your channel.

Limit the devices taking up Internet bandwidth

Low Wifi signals may be a problem when you have too many Internet-enabled devices taking up bandwidth. This may affect slow Internet and poor Internet strength. Those who usually stream videos should try to do so, only on one or two devices.

Buy a Wifi extender

A Wi-Fi extender has some impact on Wifi strength. But it still depends on the different types of ISP you use. You can squeeze out some quickness on your Internet connection via this method.

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Your router may need DD-WRT installation

Most routers come with a form of firmware that makes electronic hardware work well. Installing a DD-WRT may enhance your Wifi speed. DD-WRT aids Wifi signal perfectly.

Adjust your Internet router channels and settings

You can also try to get adjust router channels. By using it, you access several technical abilities of all your equipment. Avoid too much adjustment so that your device does not overheat.

Buy a new router

If all the above tips don’t improve your Wifi strength, then you might need to invest in a better router. Several old routers may not be to give out the required internet speed you desire. But getting a better Wifi router will improve your Wifi signal strength.

With the rise in top-notch technology, there isn’t a need to keep using a bad Internet connection. To improve your Wifi signal strength follow the above-mentioned tips.

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