IT experts are seriously interested in Command prompt for various reasons. The obvious is because it is a good resource for simple administrative tasks.
Today, we will discuss what Command Prompt is and how to open it in Windows 10.

What does a command prompt mean?

A command prompt can be described as an IT field that is based on a simple User-interface for Windows operating system. It consists of a small test which is accompanied by a censor where users can input their commands.

The command prompt is an executable program where the user can input a statement via commands for diverse programs. There is a powerful tool that can provide unique automation for the IT industry via scripting, however, learning it requires deep knowledge of codes.

Various ways to access Command Prompt in Windows 10

There are a plethora of ways to access command prompt in Microsoft Windows 10, they include:

Accessing via Start Menu

You can open Command Prompt on Windows 10 via the start menu by going to the system shortcut file. Inside the file, you should find a shortcut to the command prompt where you get to choose if you want to open as an administrator or private user.

Search Means

Another excellent to open a command prompt is using the search in Windows. You can look for the CMD at the right section of the search field and select ” Run as an administrator ‘ if that’s what you want.

Using the run box

Another excellent to access the command prompt in Windows 10 is through the run Microsoft Windows. You should press the win and R keys on your keyboard and enter CMD. After that, press enters on your keyboard. For Geeks who prefer command prompt shortcuts, you can easily create one via the method.

Using the win X menu

Microsoft Windows 10 is great software with many unique hidden menus for administrators, hackers, and IT gurus. The simplest method to launch it is by pressing the WIN and X keys on your keypad. Also, one could right-click the Windows logo at the bottom of your system.

Access it using File Explorer

Computer users can access the command prompt via the address field on the file explorer on your system. Just input cmd on the address bar and press okay. Immediately, the command prompt will open via the new folder. Please note that this method doesn’t have an administrator setting.

Using an executable file

Another easy way to open Command Prompt on Microsoft Windows 10 is the cmd.exe file. Open the file explorer and go to the partition where your Windows software is installed. Kindly open the Windows folder, and input system 32. At this file, you will see the cmd.exe executable file for the command prompt.

Opening the command prompt via Internet Explorer or earlier browsers

This is another process to open the Command Prompt, however, it is slightly complicated. After opening the Internet Explorer or earlier browsers, input the following commands in the address bar:file://C:/Windows/System32/cmd.exe and press okay. A dialog will open, tap at the run button to get the command prompt.

Command prompt remains one of the best resources for all IT professionals and employers to do multiple administrative tasks easily. The article has talked about what a command prompt is and the several ways to open a command prompt in Microsoft Windows 10.

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