Web browsers usually come with “about: blank” in their address bar. Those guilty of this include: safari, chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Let’s discuss what about:blank is and how you can get rid of it.

An overview of about:blank

This can be referred to as an empty page that was integrated into most Web browsers. The “about” section in the address bar dictates to the browser what to show on web pages.

A good example is Firefox, where you can input the about settings into the bar to view the download list. Immediately an individual presses about page on their browser, a blank screen will show. This has nothing to do with an Internet connection, it’s purely from your Web browser.

Advantages of about:blank page

This page has some usefulness because most individuals need it as a home page. Indeed, it constantly shows a clean page anytime you open your web browsers.

Going about it is easy, as you will need to check the settings and click on the “about:blank page” to open. It will also work on many web browsers anytime you wish to launch it.

Because there isn’t any other way, web browsers are programed to always show something with or without the Internet.

Is the about:blank page dangerous?

There has been much speculation about Internet users that the about:page might be a virus or harmful malware. While there isn’t any proof to show that it is dangerous, it is highly advised that you perform a scan on your system regularly.

There are many antivirus tools like Mccafe and Norton which can be used for a good scan. Though there is a free version, we highly recommend checking out their various plans.

Ways to get rid of about: blank page

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way you can permanently remove the about:blank page from your Internet browsers, however, you can hide it. What you will have instead is a fresh tab page or alternative web page.

This can be done by editing settings on your browsers. Here are different ways to change it via web browsers:

Google Chrome

Go to the menu settings and click on the “On startup” option and choose to either open a fresh tab page or delete any traces of the about: blank page from your browser. You can also pick your preferred home page after editing.

Mozilla Firefox

Go to Menu, then navigate towards Options and press home. Pick the home page you want for your operating system and fresh tabs. Please don’t click on the about:blank options. You could also add some background themes to your new selections.

Internet Explorer

To remove the about:page on the Internet Explorer, visit the gear-shaped menu icon and choose “Internet options”. Delist the about:blank from your home page options at the helm of the universal panel. Insert the web address you want and press okay.

Apple safari

For the MacBook users who wish to remove the page, go to safari and click on preferences in the general option. Below the home page, you can remove the page and insert the any home page you want.

Computer users who want a different home page aside from the about:blank page will benefit from this article. We discussed the page and how to remove it from your web browsers.

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