Random number generator which is widely known as RNG is a phenomenon in the gaming sphere. They are created to add a sense of unpredictability to let the game take its course, instead of knowing the end from the beginning.

It is quite rare to find a popular or highly sought after game without the use of the random number feature, which highlights the very importance of this great feature. Also, you find it in most popular games like Minecraft, Pokémon, Tetris, Fortnite, and Rocket League.

What does RNG mean?

Gaming as a mode of entertainment and recreational activity is created with the intent of having a supposed aura of uncertainty. This brings intrigue, suspense, and an appetite to conquer and reach the highest heights which are a success. The unpredictability is the very essence of Random Number Generator (RNG). The random number generator is an algorithm that ensures a change in the sequence of events in a particular game and sees to it that the outcomes are not predictable, concocted, or influenced.

Imagine if each time you play a game you know what is coming next, it becomes boring, predictable and the value of such a game dwindles over time. The random number generator solves this problem by ensuring each request is different and unexpected, each time someone plays the game. The algorithm imputed in the game ensures unpredictability and brings a new dimension each time a player plays such a game.

Hitherto, we see a typical example of how a random number generator works in a game like Tetris by visualizing how each block unfolds. What this means is that we can never predict the type of block that will unfold, because it is based on an algorithm. The algorithm generates the block to appear on the screen while the player envisages where to place the block. This particular experience is what makes the game fun, unpredictable and challenging; the major reason while people want to play over and over, to overcome the challenge and attain success.

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Is RNG a good thing for Players?

The random number generator (RNG) has generated a lot of debate in the gaming industry, and gaming enthusiasts wonder if it is actually a good thing or a bad thing for players. This is as a result of the unpredictability this feature presents to various gamers while playing the game.

The decision to say whether a random number generator is good or bad is a sleepy slope, as the importance of the unpredictability feature the game presents can never be underestimated. This quality doesn’t only make the game relevant and eventful, but also sought after. Games are known for their adventurous nature that poses as a challenge to game enthusiasts. If the game lacks the various uncertainties that engage people to solve such puzzles, overcome such battles, and attain high scores with their own skills and passion to win, it won’t be fulfilling.

Nonetheless, the game should not be overzealous with the randomness assorted with the RNG, so it doesn’t get frustrating and extract the fun out of the game.

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