Nowadays, people are using many acronyms on messaging apps for their daily conversations. Indeed, it saves a lot of typing but can sometime be confusing if the other person does not know the meaning of the expression.

Today, we’re going to explain the IDC acronym that you might have received during one of your conversation.

What does IDC mean?

IDC is an expression that means I Don’t Care. It is mostly used to tell someone that you are not interested about what they share of what they just said.

Here is an example on how to use it:

  • David: “Hey, I’m so happy today. Indeed, I’ve bought a new pair of shoes.”
  • Peter: “IDC”

Is IDC considered rude?

Be careful when you use IDC as it’s a pretty rude expression and the other person might feel upset.

Indeed, the other person is communicating a news that he feels proud about. So, responding by IDC might makes him feel bad,

That’s why we don’t recommend to use it in a professional context, for example in the chat of a professional video call.

Thus, use it with parsimony.

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