The computer world is composed of many parts and a huge variety of acronyms.

Moreover, GPU cards have gained a lot of traction these past years thanks to bitcoin mining.

Thats’ why in this article we are going to explain you the meaning of the GPU expression and also what is it used for.

What is the meaning of GPU?

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit.

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a PC component that improves the machine’s capacity to produce and render visuals on your computer. For info, GPUs are not only found in computers. Indeed, you can find them in smartphones, tablets and even in smart watches.

Most of the time, the GPU can be found on a dedicated card or directly into the computer’s motherboard.

What are the most famous manufacturers and GPU brands?

In the computer world, there are mainly 2 brands that are well-know for their GPU and graphic cards:

  • Nvidia
  • AMD

What is the difference between a dedicated graphics card and an integrated graphics processing unit?

It’s worth noting that in laptop computers, there are two types of GPUs.

Dedicated graphics cards are the first category, while integrated graphics processing units are the second.

Let’s take a look at each type.

A dedicated graphics card is most known product as most of the time it provides the best graphic performances thanks to a dedicated cooling system and RAM (Random Access Memory). This solution is often preferred for by people playing games or by graphics professionals (designers, illustrators, etc…).

On the other hand, an integrated graphics processing unit will be directly implemented into the motherboard of a laptop or computer. It often results in worse performances but it’s also a cheaper solution.

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