How To Get Free 1GB And 400MB Data On MTN Using Gidimo App

Gidimo Android app offers free MTN data to anyone who has signed up with the service. I don’t want my readers to miss out on this, personally, I’ve been waiting for a while to get my own free info.

Truth be told, yesterday I didn’t get mine but today I got mine. I even thought it was audio-free data (meaning fake data) after trying it almost all the way through yesterday and it failed.

I got the free data after I tried it today and now I am enjoying it. Let’s get to the procedure without further ado, and all that.

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How To Activate 1GB Free Data On MTN Using Gidimo App

  1. Download GIDIMO app HERE
  2. Make sure u make use of the link to register.
  3. Then on the top right corner of the app click on the subscribe button.
  4. Then click on subscribe for the SSP plan for 100point.
  5. Select it and you will see a button that will ask a question “Do you have A promo code”.
  6. Click on the and input the following code “MTN2020gidimo” after clicking on load.
  7. Then you will get a message you don’t have enough points to purchase the plan.
  8. Click on the payment method then immediately cancel it.
  9. I repeat don’t subscribe to any plan.
  10. Just go straight and logout of your gidimo app and then log in again.
  11. What I mean by that just cancel everything on your gidimo app and close then open it again.
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You should see a pop-up notification that tells you you got 1 GB of data. Send it to the card you used to register with MTN SIM.

Gidimo has created a unique connection for every member to refer anyone to the app. When the person you are talking to subscribes to Gidimo SSP you get 400 MB.

Get Free 400MB Data On MTN Using Gidimo Android App, below

GET Gidimo 400MB

Copy your unique referral link and share it with friends. Tell your friends to follow all procedure as it’s listed above.

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The free 400MB data won’t be automatically transferred to your MTN line. You’ll have to open the Gidimo app and if your friends signed up and they’ve subscribed to Gidimo SSP, then you’ll get a message like below:

Tap Ok to receive the free data (400MB)
The more your friends subscribe to Gidimo SSP, the more free 400MB data you will get.

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