September 2020 unlimited glo data cheat codes | latest glo free browsing cheat, for everyone. This is the unlimited Glo free data cheat codes you needed. It’s true that Glo is one of the strongest networks to spend loads of data on their customers. As for browsing and having fun. But, that also won’t stop us from cheating them, because everyone should be browsing for free. And that’s why we’re posting unlimited Glo data cheat codes. Glo free browsing cheats for everyone.

For browsing, Glo used to be the slowest network ever, and that’s why so many people don’t use it. But they’re improving recently “to such an extent that everybody was so amazed.

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If you are searching for the best cheat for Glo 2020? Here I will be sharing new Glo free browsing cheat 2020 that you can enjoy without charging a kobo. Many free browsing cheats are blazing over the internet and Glo Nigeria is not left out. They sell various data plans, and are considered to be Nigeria ‘s cheapest service provider.

This blog post providers latest settings to enjoy latest Glo free cheat 2020, Glo cheat code 2020, Glo unlimited browsing cheat, Glo 100 naira cheat 2020, Glo cheat code for MB.

Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat for September 2020.

1. Glo Free Browsing Using Freedom VPN

How To Turn On Your Glo Data Connection

We all know that the Glo data doesn’t come up without an active data subscription, well there are ways around it, you will need to subscribe to Glo Night Plan will make your glo data come up, so that you can enjoy this Glo Unlimited Free Browsing 2020

Now Visit and create your freedom account, verify your email, then login to your account note keep your login details safe, because you will need it to log in to your freedom app or TecHopper team can help you create accounts

Then subscribe to the mobile plus plan, this plan costs approx $2.20 per month, this is the perfect plan to enjoy this Glo Unlimited Free Internet, the internet speed is unlimited with unlimited bandwidth you can pay via PayPal, etc, these are the best options for you as a Nigerian

  • Click Here to Download September 2020 Freedom VPN FIle(Glo)
  • Click Here to Download September 2020 Freedom VPN FIle(Glo) – 2
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Requirements for Glo Freedom VPN Cheat September 2020

Follow the Steps above to activate Glo Freedom VPN Cheat September 2020 and make sure you always come back here or JOIN OUR GROUP to get latest tweaks and files.

Take a look at last month post if you need more light on this cheat – Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For Freedom VPN 2020

Next month we will be starting a new heading under this one

2. Glo Free Browsing Using Anonytun VPN 2020

Browsing using the VPN is very easy. To get started you just need to apply the settings I gave correctly.

Sure, you need a Glo SIM card with 0.00k account balance, an active Network Service (3G or 4G preferred), a functioning Android mobile and finally the AnonyTun VPN app installed on your phone before you continue.

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Recommended APN Settings For Glo AnonyTun Cheat

Apply the following settings:

  • Name: NetworkPalava Cheat
  • APN: gloflat
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat
  • APN Type: Default, Supl
  • Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP

I hope you’ve configured your APN accordingly? It’s time to Configure AnonyTun VPN.

Configure AnonyTun VPN For Free Browsing

First, download the AnonyTun VPN app for Android here. (If you don’t have it installed)
Install and open the app.

  • Tap on Stealth Settings on the app.

Now, apply the following:

  • Connection Protocol: HTTP.
  • Connection Port: 80 or 8080 or 8081.

Tap on EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADERS then, enter the following the section provided below:

  • Url/Host:
  • Request Method: POST.
  • Injection Method: Normal
  • Tick the “USER-AGENT” box.
  • Tick the “KEEP-ALIVE” box.
  • Tap on GENERATE.
  • Now, validate and save the settings.
  • Go back and connect the VPN.

How to stop Glo from deducting your airtime for Data?

Comment below if you have any questions

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