If you’ve found yourself running low on airtime, the ability to send call me back on MTN is a godsend, and I would be showing you how to go about the MTN call me back code.

Obviously, you have to be an MTN subscriber to be able to use the MTN please call me back shortcode with or without airtime.

This could really save you from having to flash (some people find flashing annoying and rude, by the way) or wait indefinitely to buy airtime.

You can easily give a Pls call me back message without having to directly say it,

as you’d find out in the following paragraphs.

To initiate the MTN please call me back code, you can go through a number of ways. These ways are interesting and have specific use.

Like the Please Call me back, I love you code,

which sends the message “Please call me back, I love you” message to a recipient.

Just dial *133*1*Recipient Number# and the message gets sent, without the need to recharge.

There’s the Please Send Me Credit code too,

and you send that too using *133*2*Recipient Number#.

The recipient gets the message without airtime.

You can even send “Please call me, I have a gist for you” message,

which is interesting and shows how personalised the call me back code can be.

The code to this is *133*3*Recipient Number#

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*133*4*Recipient Number# would allow you send “Please call me, I need your assistance” message.

Even more, if you have more customised messages,

you can simply use the string *133# and follow the prompts to choose the type of message you wish to send.


It is completely normal to have airtime run out on you,

and instead of flashing the person you want to speak with, there are other ways you can go about it.

Other than the fact that the person might not catch the message you want to pass across by flashing,

the idea of flashing is in itself outdated, and considered impolite.

The modern way to go around this is to send a text message;

it is easier, as the receiver can politely get your notification without disturbance.

You can use this method even when you have airtime,

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but just don’t want to initiate the call.

This method is similar to the feature that modern smartphones have,

that allows the user to send a reply to a call he/she doesn’t want to pick.

In this case, however, the recipient gets the idea that the sender wants a call to be initiated,

or action be taken from his/her side.

Be it airtime request, or call request,

the sender doesn’t need to flash before the receiver can call.

MTN subscribers can use the call me back code,

which is way better than having to flash.

MTN has built the service around a USSD string that can be used without airtime.

Some of the codes have been highlighted above,

and you can start using them to send MTN please call me back easily.


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