Why do you burn your data subscription on just watching videos on Facebook when you can now make money with your Facebook account? Why do you stay nights just chatting and end up burning your data with no hope of where your next sub money will come from? Why sleep all day reading fallacies and fictional stories in groups while leaving money on the table?

When I first started online, one of the social media I loved most was Facebook. I was quick to find out what works and what doesn’t I was hasty to find the money-making stuff there on Facebook. But what works for back in 2014 may ideally not work fine now. 

There are multiple upgrades with this number 1 social media channel in the world today. The idea is to stay trendy and be up to date since Mark Zuckerberg isn’t sleeping too. 

I don’t want to strictly mean you have to do some of the things I did back then or the things I do now to make money. I have made a long list for you too and I will do my best to give light clues to those ideal ways to make money with your Facebook account.

Don’t dull! Here’s your chance to make money doing one or two of these evergreen opportunities on Facebook. If you’re ready, let’s kick this;

  1. Running an Advertisement for companies:

    Facebook means of showcasing people’s brand and product to their target audience beats all other forms of advertisement. For instance, if you take your services or product to a radio channel in a megacity like Lagos, your jungle will be reaching out to different age groups, sex, occupation, interest, and behavior simultaneously.
    You may need to learn the skill of Facebook Ads from a professional who can teach you the nitty-gritty before you delve into the market to make money

  2. Becoming an influencer:

    Have you ever feature in any most seen movies? Are you a TV or Radio personnel? Do you know you can make as much as you wish to if you go ahead and build a public figure/celebrity page?
     If you can build your figure to be known for something ecstatic amidst the crowd of social media users, you can beat the game. This doesn’t have to be a competitive game with anyone but the more followers you have and trending you become, the more your chance of becoming brand ambassadors and even promote people’s product on your timeline or fan page.

  3. Sharing third-party post:

    Without mentioning any typical brand, there are more than hundreds of sites that will pay you to share their site news on your Facebook timelines and groups. If you have ever overlooked these opportunities, you should start reconsidering them right now.

  4. Be an information marketer:

    Information as they say is power but people who sell it are the most powerful. Build authority in a particular niche and sell the heck out of information in the niche using strong sales strategies. I say it again; people will buy if they see that you know what you teach.

  5. Sell physical products via Facebook ads:

    Build a Facebook page. Get a business manager account. Go and research the best selling physical products. Put in some cash and let Facebook do the magic for you by finding the rich customers for your products without you walking streets or owning a shop to scream ‘Come and buy my torchlight’.

  6. Be a visual animator:

    There are endless opportunities for animation creators. You can be a live wire for the top brand while designing powerful sales videos for their brand to sell their products. What you need are the right skills, good marketing, best software, and a couple of clients; you’ll soon be balling with money in your bank account.

  7. Be a graphics designer:

    If you can bring imaginations into the pictorial form of communication, then you’re the boss. Brands pay fat amounts to firms and individuals to help them create logos, flyers, infographics, and a whole lot more. Just ensure you have the top-notch design skills and be where these big goons will notice you; money will come.

  8. Sell Ebooks:

    Are you good at stories, versatile at research or have self-help guides to entertain, educate, inform, or help people perform a task? Go out there and learn to write and publish it in books this time, electronic books.
    There is a whole buck of opportunities in this niche but the basis is you should have good writing skills and maybe you can be passionate as time tickles.

  9. Find a freelance job:

    Not most clients still love to get on freelance sites looking for who too work with. They still want the direct touch of humanity, so they don’t mind coming to Facebook. Optimize your timeline, hone your skills, cold call, and don’t hesitate to even offer your service free of charge to convince some clients that you’re up to the task.

  10. Become a network marketer:

    Do you have a network marketing program you sell? Facebook is a good platform you can grow as many down-lines as you can as well much handle. Especially if your program is a fancy one loaded with lots of opportunities and isn’t just brainwashing, then put in all your energy, get some social media skills and grow your business while you make money alongside doing what you know how to do best.

  11. Start a music page:

    I have quite a number of friends who grew to visibilities putting their energy into their music pages. All they knew how to do from scratch is sign documents with a studio. They get online there and release songs back to back while getting known and even selling on their show tickets on the side. But wait, let’s be real, when big deals come, who do you know will win it?

  12. Start a video page:

    This is somewhat related to a music page but they’re not the same things. If you can film documentaries, travel to countries and pin this into videos, teach people how to do things, and lots of others, you can win more followers; you’ll be a hard target to top brands who are hunting video makers with large followership.

  13. Showcase your brand:

    Even if you sell wristwatch in the Eko market or you sell electric lamp in the Oyingbo night market, there is always a chance for you to get madly visible on social media which consequentially will increase how much you can sell. You only need nice marketing tactics, no hard ads budget, and hot orders can start pumping in. Isn’t that what you desire?

  14. Be a photographer:

    There is a high stake of success for you if you can utilize social media well. Apart from the high rate of followership, you can land hot event gigs right on Facebook. Leave your camera first. Open a Facebook page. Drive traffic of followers with wild reactions by uploading those pictures in your phone gallery. Then don’t forget to put your studio address or even home address plus other hot ways they could contact you. The money will come; it’s just a matter of time and nice marketing tactics.
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Forget what anyone as ever told you about how saturated the market seemed to be. If Facebook has to be a country, it would have been the most populated country in the world. So remember the sky is wide enough to welcome the flight of all species of birds. There is a chance of success for you too if you can come out of your shells and do something new. Just keep in mind that people only open their wallets to experts to take their hard-earned cash. You too can do it!.

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