Do you want to learn how to hide apps on iPhone 11? if yes, then you just arrived at the right blog to learn.

Do you have some apps that you want to restrict people from seeing or accessing anytime they are with your phone? if the answer is yes to the question then all you have to do is to hide or lock those apps with password and nobody will access them without your consent.

Today you’re going to learn a lot of ways of how you can easily hide your apps on your iPhone 11 to restrict all eyes from seeing it. You will be the only one that has access to those apps and before you can access them you’ll first of all unhide them.

Apple allows all iPhone users to easily reorganize their apps into different pages or folders, but unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow you to hide or restrict people from viewing any of your apps. iPhone doesn’t have that feature, but don’t worry because you’re not alone.

Today I’m going to show you how to hide apps on iPhone 11 or any other iPhone, It’s 100% possible to hide any app on your iPhone with the help of lock app for iPhone. Recently I wrote a tutorial on how to hide pictures and videos on the iPhone. So today I’m going to teach you how to hide apps on iPhone 11, all you have to do is to cool down and digest this post.

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How To Hide Apps On iPhone 11

Do you want to hide any app on your iPhone 11? if the answer is a yes to the question then follow the below steps;

  • Tap and hold the app that you want to hide, e.g, if you want to hide the guitar app then tap and hold the guitar app.
  • Now drag the app you want to hide into another app, make sure the app the guitar app into looks innocent, and doesn’t relate to the guitar app.
  • After completing the above steps, it will automatically create a new category that will be named by your iPhone.
  • If you want to hide another app on your iPhone 11, move it into the recently created folder. Iterate until you’ve placed all the apps you want to hide in this folder. You might want to place a few other ‘dummy’ apps in the folder, just to fill out the first page.
  • Now, with all the desired apps in the new folder, you need to move the items you want to hide to the second page of the new folder. So, while you’re still in Edit Home Screen or Rearrange Apps mode (i.e. when the apps are jiggling), hold and move the first app you want to hide to the end of the folder. This will take the app to the next page of the folder. Now, let go of the app. Do the same for all the other apps you want to hide, moving them to the new folder’s last page.
  • Finally, you might want to rename the folder, so as to give it a more dull title. In the illustration above, we’ve given our folder the name “Dictionaries,” since we’ve added a couple of dictionaries to the folder and kept them on the first page. Note that any app on the first page of the folder will be obvious from the Home screen, although they’ll clearly be smaller than usual.
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How To Hide Apps On iPhone 11 With Secret Calculator App

Do you know you can easily hide any app on your iPhone 11 with the secret calculator app for iPhone? follow the below steps to hide your apps;

  • First of all download, the calculator hide the app from here
  • Open the Calculator hide app on your iPhone
  • Once inside, it looks like a normal calculator. You can do subtraction, division, and other mathematical functions with the app.
  • To access the hidden files you will need to enter the numeric codes and it ends with a percentage (%) sign — something your child might set up when they first install the app
  • Your child might also use a fingerprint scan to open the files
  • Once you entered the right password you can then view all the hidden files
  • Calculator+ app can display numerous media types (such as .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .png files), videos (.mp4, .avi, .mkv, .wmv, .flv)
  • To transfer the files from your gallery to the app you just need to open the Calculator App and a simple drag and drop feature will allow you to do this.
  • If your child upgrades to the premium feature they can store the photos in a cloud and get unlimited storage.
  • Once your child transfers the photos from iPhone Camera Roll to the Calculator app, the photo will disappear from the Camera Roll.
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How To Unhide Apps On iPhone 11

  • Are you tired of hiding your apps or you just don’t want to hide them again? if yes, just drag them out of the folder and place them back on the Home screen (do this by entering Edit Home Screen mode). Also, to be painfully clear, you can, of course, do the above with any kind of app, third-party or native.


I hope you learned how to hide apps on iPhone 11? meanwhile, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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