The EasyBuy mobile device financing platform is a service platform that’s aimed at making it easier to own a smartphone in Nigeria.

It is specifically to allow people pay in instalments for Best Android Phone in Nigeria. Right now, they support the popular smartphone brands such as Tecno and Infinix.

This is a welcome idea, especially when you consider the fact that such an arrangement isn’t very common in the country; purchases such as smartphone purchase is largely on a “cash and carry” basis. Having services such as EasyBuy is good as it brings more convenience and flexibility.

I would be showing you how the service works, and how you can actually use the platform to buy your dream smartphone.

How it works

EasyBuy basically allows you to buy a smartphone with a fraction of the total price as down payment. This is made possible by a registration process which would be explained soon, and in the near future, an app would be made available to that effect.

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For now, you have to register with accredited EasyBuy agents, who operate in a POS loan fashion. At the point of registration, you would be presented with two loan types, both of which give you the opportunity to pay a small part of the total cost of the smartphone and spread the rest over a period of time.

Of course, there would be an interest, given it is a POS loan. It is either a 9% interest (for 3 months) or 6% interest (for 6 months), and would be in effect when 30% of the amount is paid as the initial payment.

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The registration in particular has its requirements; some of which are standard. The requirements are what makes you eligible for the service, and they aren’t very much.

A valid means of identification is required: International Passport or a National ID card. They would also accept Voter’s Card or a Driver’s license.

BVN is also required, and that is perhaps the most important one of the requirements; since that is the safest and easiest way to ensure payment. Since you have an account, it is expected that you have an ATM card and that would also be required of you at the registration point. You als have to be a regular income earner.

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Once done, you can have the smartphone of your choice after the 30% down payment, and then pay the rest over 3 months or 6 months.

Wrapping Up on EasyBuy – Buy and Pay Later Mobile Device Financing Platform

It can be really frustrating to have a little amount standing in the way of getting your dream smartphone,

and when EasyBuy comes along to facilitate purchase in instalments,

it suddenly make smartphone purchases so much easier.

Not that there hasn’t been services similar to EasyBuy,

but it is better to have one more of those kind of services than one less.

As an attestation to their authenticity,

EasyBuy has a proper customer care, which you can reach out to through and [email protected]



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