When compiling any list of phones under N50000, things get really interesting, because there are a lot of things to consider for the price. That price itself is considered the “crucial” price.

There is a huge market for phones around and below N50000 in the country, in fact I would have said they constitute the majority of all smartphone usage if I had credible statistics to back it up.

A lot of people consider the N50000 mark as the typical price for a smartphone; it’s the “sweet” spot for a capable smartphone that can last for a period of time.

With that in mind, there are expectations from the smartphone that cost under N50000, and that presents a lot more deal breakers in the category.

For comparison, best phones under N20000 aren’t expected to do much, and the ultra-expensive smartphones (cue iPhones) are majorly just for the sake of having it.

The phone’s specifications are a huge deal for most people, and there is a minimum standard that can be accepted. Of course, performance isn’t expected to be the best.

Phones under N50000 are expected to do more on a day to day use, and that is the mindset of a potential buyer wanting to get one.

This post exists so as to show the features of some of the best under below N50000, which gives an idea the direction to take when trying to buy a phone for N50000.

Tecno Camon 12Buy Now

The Tecno Camon 12 is a pretty popular smartphone. It was released in 2018, and an iteration to their Camon series.

Doubling down on the specifications, the Tecno Camon 15 holds up in some ways to justify its asking price. It’s got a 6.52 inches screen with a 720p resolution; technically, this is regarded as HD+, but in day to day use, better HD screens can be had. There’s not much to complain about asides that; 6.52 inch is big for multimedia and gaming.

The phone runs on Android 9 Pie which has HiOS 5.5 on top of it; this gives it a modern look and feel as far as the software is concerned.

This is important to consider, especially when Android OS versions lower than 9 Pie is regarded as old.

The chipset powering this device is a MediaTek one (the Helio P22 to be precise), and it is clocked at 2GHz;

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this is pretty okay for day to day use, just don’t expect a flawless performance for gaming and other intensive app use.

It comes with a healthy amount of RAM; 4GB, and that is paired with 64GB of storage.

This is very good memory configuration for the price, and the smartphone industry is pushing to make it the standard for that range.

You get a triple camera setup on the back of this phone; a 16MP main camera, an 8MP one, and a 2MP one; the front selfie camera is a 16MP one. This camera array is impressive, and should do well with basic and intermediate photography sessions.

All of the phone is powered by a 4,000mAh battery pack; that should keep everything going for the most part of the day.

For N47,500, you can get the Tecno Camon 12 right now;

coupled with all the features mentioned above, Tecno Camon 12 sits firmly in the list of the best phones under N50000 in Nigeria right now.

Infinix S5Buy Now

Infinix Mobility also has their own offering that’s under N50000;

it is actually an unspoken sibling to the Tecno Camon 15 (since they share the same parent company, and have roughly the same specs).

The Infinix S5 is a good device that has a couple of new features that were previously only had in expensive flagship devices.

The screen is bright and big: 6.6 inches. If you’ve small hands, the display size would task you, but in a good way. The resolution is 720p, because Infinix doesn’t think you need a full HD display at that price; you can still get along well with it, if you aren’t aching so bad for more pixel density.

It is running on Android 9 Pie skinned with XOS 5.5;

it makes for a typical software experience, and perfect for those who aren’t very demanding of what kind of Android flavour their device should be running.

The memory configuration is 4GB/64GB which is plenty okay for the price.

The highlight of this device is its cameras; it has a quad camera setup on the back, which would make number crunchers happy, and a “punch hole” 32MP selfie camera on the front.

Previously, the idea of building the camera within the screen was left for flagship devices, but now you can have that for below N50000.

The battery size is typical: 4000mAh, and should get through the day without an issue;

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the battery management of the phone, coupled with the less power hungry processor means the user would be happy with using the phone.

At the time of writing, the Infinix S5 can be had around N45000, which makes it a worthy competitor in the league of phone below N50000.

Xiaomi Redmi 8Buy Now

The Xiaomi brand is something g of a sleeper hit in Nigeria;

we were all literally sleeping when they were taking the smartphone market by storm,

but it is a good thing for the consumers, since they get to choose from a wider range of options.

The Xiaomi Redmi 8 is a really good smartphone to buy,

if you’ve got not more than N50000 to spend on a smartphone.

The specification of the phone is impressive,

and it has some features that are not usual for a phone so cheap.

It has a 6.22 inch 720p display, which has been established that it is good for day to day use. It runs on Android 9 with MIUI 9 flavour, for better or for worse.

The processor is made by the famed Snapdragon;

while the performance is capped at 1.9GHz, a much better task management and efficiency is to be expected, especially when compared with similar MediaTek ones.

The memory configurations are quite flexible also; and you get to choose between the 3GB/32GB or the 4GB/64GB models. The power pack in the devices is in the “huge” territory at 5000mAh; it has a 2 day battery life in normal circumstances.

Price-wise, the Xiaomi is the one of the cheapest phones you’d find at under N50000, which automatically makes it one of the best phones under N50000.

You can get this device for as low as 45,000, which means you can keep the remaining amount from the N50000 budget for some other things.

Nokia 4.2Buy Now

The Nokia brand is back and better, and their Nokia 4.2 smartphone is actually one you should check when trying to buy phone below N50,000

As far as the specs go, it is modest, and don’t expect an outstanding performance; what you can expect however, is a clean Android software experience.

The display is a 5.7 inch 720p one; it won’t win any awards, unless you’re considering the portability and hand feel.

The software is Android 9 Pie under the Android One program;

this means that you get near stock Android experience without bloats and unwanted apps and features,

you also get the chance of upgrades for a much longer time then skinned Android.

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The chipset is slightly underpowered, but only slightly. It is the Snapdragon 439, and can handle day to day tasks fine; it is recommended for those who don’t demand much performance from their phones.

The battery is a 3000mAh one because Nokia doesn’t think you should be on your phone the whole time; you can however manage a full day’s use from it, if you actually do less tasks on the phone.

You can get the Nokia 4.2 for N49,000;

remember, it is still lower than N50,000 and much of the price is to enjoy near stock Android experience,

which is objectively less stressful than stock Android.

Samsung Galaxy A10Buy Now

Gone are the days when you needed over a N100,000 to own a Samsung device, and with new devices like the Samsung Galaxy A10, you can own their devices for below N50000.

When a flagship brand makes cheaper phones such as this,

you’d expect that they’d cut back on features, but the story is a bit different with the Galaxy A10.

It has a screen which is 6.2 inches in size and 720p in resolution;

the upside is that the screen utilises the AMOLED technology that Samsung is so good at, and you get benefits such as deeper blacks, and power savings.

The processor is a custom Exynos one, capped out at 1.6GHz;

it is fine for daily driving, just don’t go around playing intensive games.

The memory configuration is 3GB/32GB since Samsung thinks it’s offering you a privilege to own one of their devices for below N50000.

The battery (which is apparently the highlight of the phone) is at 4000mAh, and a full day’s use is guaranteed

For around N45000, you can cop a Galaxy A10,

and it makes for a valuable purchase when you consider than you’d be getting some of the excellent build quality and fine screen technology Samsung is known for.

Conclusion on Best Phones Under N50000 You Can Buy Now in Nigeria [Updated]

Smartphones get manufactured regularly, and that means that the average user is spoilt for choice.

However, what has been the convention is that a certain price budget gives a buyer the purchasing power to buy smartphones that have outstanding performances.

N50000 is dangerously close to that mark, and for phones under N50000,

a considerable amount of features is expected from them.

The above listed phones do pretty well to try to meet up that expectation,

which is why they are considered the best phones under N50000.


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