The development of smartphones over the last decade has brought about a lot of changes to the kinds of phone you can get at any price point. The best phones under N40000 is an interesting category that shows this fact.

10 years ago, the kind of phones you get for N40000 aren’t regarded as cheap, but the functions are limited regardless. In 2020, those characteristics are reversed, and a N40000 phone is cheap by modern standards, yet you get more features than you ever did before. Same can even be said of the best phones under 30000 naira.

However, one point is crystal clear; N40000 isn’t exactly a small money to spend on a smartphone, especially when you consider that you can spend a lot less than that on other kinds of smartphones. This means that it is perfectly normal to expect a certain level of features and functions from phones below N40000.

Incidentally, the list of best phones under N40000 do manage to cram in so much respectable hardware and functions, you’d definitely feel like the N40000 you’re dropping on them has been well spent.

This post compiles that list, but bear in mind that the list is ever expanding, and more smartphone offerings will be included going forward. Presently, the following are some of the best phones below N40000:

Infinix Hot 8

The Infinix brand is known for their budget smartphone offerings, with their Infinix Hot 8 a pretty decent smartphone for below N40000, one of the only Infinix phones below 40000 naira at the moment, in fact.

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As a phone to be used day to day, it offers some decent specs for the price it’s asking; it’s got a big screen which spans 6.5 inch display which covers the majority of the phone, save for the slight interruption of the water drop camera notch. That display is 720p; not the highest, but still okay for movie watching, and web browsing. It’s not like you would pixel peeping at below N40000 anyway.

The processor powering the Hot 8 is the MediaTek Helio A22 clocked at 2.0GHz. it is not the fastest in the world, but you would only notice a few performance lags in a day.

Perhaps the highest point of this device is its battery; at 5000mAh, the Hot 8 is an absolute chomper! With a low res screen, and some AI power management in the software, the Hot 8 is definitely going to give out a steady 2 day battery life for a long time.

All of these are some of what we think makes the Infinix Hot 8 one of the best phones under he N40000.

Xiaomi Redmi 8A

The Redmi 8A is a decent offering that’s riding on super affordability to make its point. It costs a lot less than N40000, and the specs are a real value for the money you’d be paying.

The screen size is 6.2 inches at 720p, which shouldn’t bother much, since it is more modern looking and covers a high percentage of the whole phone’s face. It is plenty good for film watching, and general scrolling around.

The battery on the Redmi 8A, which would spoil you with a 2 day battery life, and the processing speed is fairly decent also. The memory configuration is 2GB/32GB: not much, but that’s not something you can complain about at below N40000.

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You can get the Redmi 8A for around N35000, and at that price, you would be getting a pretty decent phone for below N40000.

Tecno Spark 4

If you want a big bright display, big storage, big battery and the Tecno branding for below N40000, then the Tecno Spark 4 is your choice.

6.52 inch display is plenty huge for movie watching, and web browsing, if that’s what you do regularly. However, it is low res at 720p, but that shouldn’t bother anyone because it is rare to find anything higher than 720p at that price point.

Its memory configuration is either 3/32GB or 4/64GB; those are higher than what you’d expect for a phone that costs below N40000, which is very welcome.

The cameras on this device are plenty; you get 3 sensors on the back, and one on the front for selfies. You shouldn’t be expecting “class leading” photography, but they should handle well in a casual point and snap scenarios.

The battery pack is a 4000mAh one; it isn’t the biggest battery, and generally regarded as average these days. The performance isn’t average however, and you can be sure to get a full day of use every time.

At around N36000, the Tecno Spark 4 is a really decent device, probably the single best phone below N40000

Oukitel U25

Simply put, the Oukitel U25 is a lot of phone for below N40000, and should be the one to buy if you are after the numbers.

The screen size is 5.5 inches; pretty standard, and would do for your viewing needs. That screen is a 1080p one however, so it is firmly in the high-res category.

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The highlight of the phone is its base 4/64GB memory configuration; which is much more than what you typically get in smartphones that cost under N40000

The battery is small, but not something you sniff at; 3500mAh is okay for day to day usage, so far you don’t task it too much.

The price point makes this device too good to pass up, when you’re out on a N40000 budget. It is firmly one of the best phones under N40000.

Blackview BV5500

Want something more rugged? The Blackview BV5500 is suitable for that. It is a phone below N40000 that’s encased in a rugged chassis.

The 5.5 inch screen is pretty okay; it’s got a 720p resolution that’s honestly not bad, especially for people who fancy that kind of smartphone.

The specs aren’t all that high; 2/16GB memory configuration is okay for light tasks, and nothing more.

The battery is 4,400 mAh, and coupled with the fact that you wouldn’t be using the phone all that frequently, it should last a day or two easily.

Overall, the phone is a good buy for below N40000, but only for people who absolutely need the ruggedness the phone has.


It’s nothing bad to have N40000 for a smartphone, and manufacturers realise that; which is why they have smartphone offerings that are absolutely economical at that price point.

A decent battery life, good screen, and decent processor are some of the barest minimum specifications that users can hope to expect for that price range.

And luckily, the phones on the list above meet those requirements and can conveniently be regarded as the best phone below N40000.



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