Not many envisaged that we would all be stuck at home for this long, but as we’re all home, we need some of the best cheapest data plans we can lay our hands on.

Internet usage has gone up, since we all have to rely on it for work and all the other things. It only makes if we don’t have to spend a lot of money on the very thing that keeps on the internet; data.

So, this piece is a curation of the cheapest best data plans you can find from the major network providers, so as to point you in the direction of the data plan you should be getting for your specific needs, while you save as much as possible.

Free 4GB from Airtel – Best Cheapest Data Plans

We kick things off with Airtel’s data plans. But what’s interesting about this particular plan is that it isn’t a plan at all! You only need to do one thing: upgrade your SIM to 4G, and you get free 4GB of data.

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On top of that, you would be subsequently be getting a quarter of your data plan purchases in bonuses, once it is above N500for a whole 3 months!

It might be that Airtel has realised how crucial it is to have fast 4G data these days, which is why it is offering incentives. So, if you’re still holding out on your old SIM, now is the best time to upgrade and benefit from the 4GB.

For more of Airtel’s best 4G data plan, check out Airtel 4G data plans

1.5GB for N1000

This one is a pretty standard data plan, and one that’s recommended if you need to power all your apps without capping or restrictions.

To subscribe to this data plan,

simply dial *496# and you would have the option to subscribe immediately.

Like I have stated earlier,

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it’s a data plan which you can use on any device, and however you please.

It is also worthy of note that it lasts for 30 days.

Airtel 250MB for N25 – Latest Airtel Night Plan Smartbyte

This is also a good Airtel data plan, which I think is really good for easing off the strain you might be putting on your regular data plan.

It is a night plan, which gives you 250MB for N25.

It would last from 12 midnight through 5 in the morning,

and the best part of it is that you can repeatedly subscribe to it within that duration. Simply *312# to get the plan,

and check out some other options as well.

You can easily schedule your heavier downloads for this data plan instead of your normal data plan.

9Mobile SmartPak

Now we move over to the 9Mobile side of things. And there are some pretty interesting data plans there as well.

Their SmartPak plans has in it some really nice data plans you can check out.

They are all tucked away under the string *229#.

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If you are a 9Mobile subscriber, these data plans are quite fine for your internet use,

and you don’t have to worry about any underlying restrictions or anything.

Glo Night Plans – Best Cheapest Data Plans

These are solid data plans for Glo subscribers. Interestingly, they are one of the cheapest and best night plans you can find right now.

You can find them using the string *777#, as well as other good plans like the weekend data plans.

Conclusion on Best Cheapest Data Plans

At this time, it’s not easy to go out and work, and that means everyone is stuck at home with more internet use.

While I’m not very sure that the network providers went out of their ways to make their data plans very cheap as a palliative measure (I don’t even think some of them did anything at all),

there are substantially valuable plans that still be had. MTN plans

Some of the data plans are listed above, while the others are linked and you can check them out as well.


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