Need to trick Airtel Nigeria for free browsing or use Airtel Latest Free Browsing Cheat 2020 ? To connect correctly, follow the steps of today’s post. Airtel has several cheap and cost-effective data plans for users to subscribe for low airtime money. This is cool and the reason why many people migrate to this network service provider is also important.

The browsing cheats on Airtel are working free below.

airtel latest free browsing

Free browsing Cheat Using Droid VPN on Airtel

  • First, download Droid VPN – Playstore or Here.
  • On your Android app, install it. In your phone settings, make sure that you “Allow Unknown Source App.”
  • Enable the VPN program for Droid.
  • Enter your username and password details for registration. 
  • Do not have an account? Click Here to build a free account.

Take the following steps to log in and get information about the login:

  • Go to the Sign Up page on the Droid VPN website.
  • Enter Username and Email Address. You have to sign in to the application.
  • I’m not a box of robots. You should prove to be human. You must confirm. You therefore have to tick the box.
  • Tap the button “Sign Up Now.” It is time to apply the information properly after you have entered them.
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It is time to log in to the Droid VPN app after a successful registration.

  • Open the application.
  • Tap 3dash. It’s at the screen’s left top corner.
  • Tap account. You will see a slide menu from the left, which opens ‘Account,’ after tapping the 3dash as directed above
  • Please enter the details of your accounts. At this point, your username and password should be entered in order for the cheat to work for you.
  • Tap Configuration. When your login details have been saved with droid VPN, please return and open the device menu settings.
  • Click UDP Settings.

In the space provided, enter the following:

  • Remote UDP Port: 9201
  • Local UDP Port: 9201

Go to Home Screen again.

  • Tap Random Server Drop-down
  • Select Free Server. Free to select from 1 to 8 any free server (anyone can work).
  • Press Start. The start button — listed on the home screen.
  • Tap OK. After starting the VPN, you will see a pop-up alert, which needs a link confirmation.

Now wait a few seconds before Droid VPN connects.

BOOM — to say the least!,   You ‘re good to go

You are ready to browse with 0.00k on your Airtel account balance.

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Airtel Cheat Latest 2020: Fast tip to configure Droid VPN for Free Browsing

  • Open the VPN you downloaded some time ago.
  • Click the icon located at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Now, Click Setting from the options.
  • Select UDP Settings and input the following:
  • UDP Port Configuration 9201
  • Remote UDP Port: 9201
  • Local UDP Port: 9201

Go back to the home screen and select “Free Server” from the list.

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Wait a few seconds for Droid VPN to connect.

Alternative Method To Configure Droid VPN For FREE Browsing

  • Open the Droid VPN app.
  • Enter the login details you created earlier.
  • Follow the above procedures to open “Settings”.
  • Select TCP and HTTP options.

Now Click on Set HTTP Head and input:

  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:
  • Go back to the home screen.
  • Select “Free Server” from the option.
  • Click the “START” button to connect the VPN.

Your VPN will be connected and ready to browse in a few seconds.

Having any issues connecting this Airtel VPN cheat with the above method? Make use of the below hosts:

  • host:
  • X-Online-Host:
  • X-Online-Host:
  • X-Online-Host:
  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:
airtel latest free browsing

How To Activate Airtel HTTP Injector 0.0KB Free Browsing

Airtel Unlimited Browsing Cheat? – Are you looking for Airtel free surfing tricks/ cheats? If so, this post is for you, because I’ll show you full details of this month, this year and other working Airtel free browsing cheat.

Just like other free browsing cheats, this free browsing of Airtel 0.0 kb does not take a very long time to begin. You must know that you need certain things, which I am going to show you now, to start using this free browsing just like others.

I also made these requirements available to you that you can not obtain yourself.

See these Airtel free browsing cheat criteria below.

If you have previously used our free browsing, the requirements are nothing new for you. Everything you need is

  • Your smartphone (Android)
  • Airtel SIM with 0.0kb
  • HTTP Injector which you can download from here.
  • Airtel 0.0kb configuration file you can also download from here or comment to obtain it.
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Below is how you will activate it when you are done to meet these requirements.

How to setup Airtel 0.0 kb free HTTP injector and config file browsing

Free browsing for Airtel is pretty straightforward. Just install and open your HTTP injector, then follow the following steps

  • Click on the file icon
  • Click on import config file
  • Locate the downloaded configuration file
  • Import the configuration file
  • Click on start and that’s it

It should be noted that the sim selective is used and a 4G sim is recommended. It can also be used in 4G regions.

If a 0.0 kb sim is tried and it is not connected, attempt to use a sim with at least 5 mb thereon.

How to Unlimitedly Browse Free browsing cheat with Airtel 2020 (EC Tunnel)

Follow the steps below after you subscribe to the program or social package, set up the VPN’s.

  • If you have one of the vpn updates and installs.
  • Open the VPN or EC Tunnel VPN or your 24Clan lite.
  • Switch from any VPN to the tweak setting of the menu.
  • Go from any vpn to the airtel social server
  • Select any still available VPN service.
  • Now go back and connect with 24Clan VPN’s Green button and Big Circle’s EC tunnel VPN. Go back and connect.
  • Wait a few seconds, but remember to use 500 MB of data caps to fill in your start browsing plan, download and stream.

We now change how the data plan can be accumulated.



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