You must have enjoyed fast Internet browsing speed when using the Airtel data plan as they operate on 4G and 4GL. Discuss every web browser kit, then speak about a data plan for Airtel, as it has various packages for various users.

Perhaps, you’ll agree with me that viewing content online (YouTube) finishes your data in no time.

Airtel has a new and accessible data plan only for streaming YouTube videos to make it simpler for subscribers.

This post is not just a data plan for Airtel. It also covers major Airtel Nigeria services, such as airtime sharing (Me2U), data sharing, discovering your number if you forget and the control of Airtel’s data plan
You are also protected by Airtel subscription plans whether you are using blackberry, cell phone modems, or smartphones.

Airtel has data plans for its subscribers every day, weekly and monthly. Therefore, since you can buy data for as little as N50 you can not run out of data.
Consider every Airtel package plan.

Daily/ Weekly Airtel Data Plan

These plans are for android devices, blackberry, Smartphone and tablets

75MB at N100 for 24 hours

It is indeed a cost-effective regular plan. At 100 Naira Daily, you can have 75MB. Within 24 hours, the data plan expires. You may also decide whether to renew automatically.

The activation code is *141*100#

200MB at N200 for 3 Days

This Airtel data plan last for 3days or 72 hours, you can enjoy it at the rate of 200 Naira. You set it for auto renewal.

The activation code is *141*200#

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1GB at N300 For 1 Day

This is one of the best plans from Airtel. Imagine you want to download something real quick and cannot do the monthly subscription, You will enjoy unlimited speed 1GB for complete 1 day before renewing.

USSD activation code for this data plan is *141*354#

350MB at N300 For 7 Days

This is the most affordable weekly plan from Airtel. You will enjoy unlimited browsing for complete 7 days before renewing. Take note that your usage determines how long your data will last. To enjoy this data plan it will cost you 300 Naira.

USSD activation code for this data plan is *141*300#

700MB at N500 for 14 days

The last but not the least on the Airtel daily and weekly data bundle plan is this package. To enjoy a 14 days constant browsing you need to subscribe with 500 Naira. It will only last for 14 days and all depends on how you use it.

The USSD activation code for it is *141*500#

These are the most recently updated data plan from Airtel Nigeria. You can still check for the update from Here.

Monthly Airtel Data Plan

This Airtel data plan is designed for those that enjoy being online 24/7. Also, it is meant for those that are into online businesses or marketing because it comes with a huge bonus. Any monthly data plan you subscribe comes with special free midnight browsing data.

Basically, the monthly plans are considered as Airtel data plans for modem and WIFI. But that does not mean you can’t subscribe it on any device other than modem

With the bonus, you’ve special data to browse freely from 1Am to 7Am daily without restriction. Above all, you’ll enjoy roll over feature of this plan

Let’s consider each of the monthly subscription plan

1.5G at N1000 For 30 Days

This is one of the cheapest data plans you can get in Nigeria. With 1000 Naira you’ll have access to 1.5G data. Also, you’ll enjoy the midnight free browsing.

The activation code for this plan is *141*1000#

3.5G at N1, 500 for 30 Days With Bonus

If you subscribe to this plan, you’ll have 2.5G to browse any time of the day. And 1G is for midnight browsing, which is the bonus. In other words, you’ll only put the 1G to use anytime you browse from 1AM to 7AM daily.

The USSD code to activate this plan is *141*1500#

3.5G at N 2000 for 30 Days Without Bonus

With just N2000 you’ll have instant access to 3.5G of Airtel data plan that has no restriction. The difference with the subscription plan above is that you can put all your data to use all day long. So, no need of stressing yourself at night to make sure you use up your data.

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To activate this data plan use the code *141*2000#

5.5G at N2500 For 30 Days With Bonus

Once you subscribe to this plan you’ll have instant access to 4.5G to use during the day and part of the night. The extra 1G is for midnight browsing between the hours of 1AM and 7AM.

The USSD activation code for this plan is *141*2500#

9.5G at 4000 For 30 Days

Subscribing to this package entails having access to 7.5G data to browse all days for 30 days. Then the 2.5G is for browsing between the hours of 1AM and 7AM daily.

USSD activation code is *141*4000#

Airtel Data Plans For Social Networks

If you’re among those that enjoy browsing and having updates from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc, then the Airtel data plan below is for you

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10MB at N25 for 24 hours

You can only chat on Whatsapp with this data plan. It only last for 24 hours. You cannot browse any other social network with it.

The USSD activation code is *948*4#

20MB at N50 for 24 hours

With this bundle plan you can browse all the social networks listed above, which are Facebook, Twitter, WeChat , WhatsApp and many more. It last for 24 hour after which you can manual renew or set it for auto renewal.

USSD activation code is *991*4#

50MB at N100 For 5 Days

To enjoy 5 day uninterrupted socialization then this package is all you need. You can you the data to browse across all social media network you can think of.

To activate it you should use the USSD code *688*3#

600MB at N300 For 25 Days

This is the largest social media data you can go for. With 300 Naira you’ll have the right to browse with 600MB across all social media network.

To activate this plan dial the USSD code *688*1#

Airtel Mega Pack Plans

This plan is for individuals using a lot of data monthly or intense monthly surf. As the name refers, it’s super pack because it’s where the highest subscription value is found every month.

Live to stream, downloading, etc. can be enjoyed. And all kinds of devices can be used. This Airtel data plan is first included in the list:

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12G at N5000 For 30 Days

For 30 days you’ll enjoy 10G of browsing all day and 2G for midnight browsing.  You can use the 2G for unlimited downloads or watching videos on Youtube since it is only valid between the hours of 1AM and 7Am

To activate this plan use the USSD code *141*5000#

25G at N10, 000 For 30 Days

To activate use the USSD code *141*10000#

40G at N15, 000 For 30 Days

Use the USSD code *141*15000#

60G at N20, 000 For 30 Day

The USSD activation code for this plan is *141*2000#

This 3 Airtel data plan is for corporate bodies or individuals that run mini café business. To use it effectively you must have a WIFI. The WIFI makes sharing easy. This means that certain number of users can simultaneously login into the network and browse.

Airtel YouTube Video Pack Data Plan

This Airtel data plan is specifically designed for watching YouTube videos only. The rate is very cheap when compared with other regular data plans listed above.

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Please take note. This data plan cannot be used on any other video streaming website except YouTube. Also, you cannot roll it over. This means that whether you used it up or not at the end of validity period it expires.


300MB at N300 For 7 Days

You can enjoy browsing YouTube uninterruptedly for 7 days round the clock with the package. To activate it dial USSD code *323*12#

300MB at N150 For 7 Days

As you can see, it is cheaper than the first plan because it has restrictions. You can only use this Airtel data plan between the hours of 1Am and 5AM, which means it is a midnight YouTube video data plan.

To activate this plan use the USSD code *323*22#

4.5G at N1000 for 30 Days

You can use 1.5G of this plan between the hours of 5AM and 12.59 AM daily. While the balance of 3G is for midnight browsing ranging from 1AM to 5AM. It is valid for 30 days and cannot be rolled over.

How to Check Data Balance

To check your Airtel data plan and balance dial *140# and you will receive an SMS with your data balance.

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Daily / Weekly Data Plan

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD CODE
N5025MB1 Day*141*50#
N10075MB1 Day*141*100#
N200200MB3 Days*141*200#
N3001GB1 Day*141*354#
N300350MB7 Days*141*300#
N500750MB14 Days*141*500#
N5001GB7 Days*141*502#
N5002GB2 Day*141*504#
N15006GB7 Days*141*1504#

Monthly Data Plan

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD CODE
N1,0001.5GB30 Days*141*1000#
N1,2002GB30 Days*141*1200#
N1,5003GB30 Days*141*1500#
N2,0004.5GB30 Days*141*2000#
N2,5006GB30 Days*141*2500#
N3,0008GB30 Days*141*3000#
N4,00011GB30 Days*141*4000#

Social Bundle

Price(Naira)PlanValidityUSSD CODEDescription
N2510MB1 Day*948*4#This plan gives access to chatting on WhatsApp only.
N5040MB1 Day*991*4#These plans give access to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.
N10080MB5 Days*688*3#
N300600MB25 Days*688*1#


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