How to Sign Out or Remove your Gmail Account from Any Device

If you have multiple accounts on Google and you are looking for how to sign out or remove Gmail account from a phone, this article is for you. There are many reasons a person might want to remove his Gmail from a particular phone. It could be that the device was stolen, the person wants to sell or give out the phone.

Whatever might be the reason you want to sign out from your Gmail account,

This tutorial is for you

Or Probably you want to remove the account or add another, this tutorial lets you remove any of your Google accounts without stress. This method lets you sign out from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp and other social media accounts as well.

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Procedures to Remove Gmail Account From a Phone

To sign out of your Google account on your device, follow this simple steps below

  • When you open your phone,  go to setting.

Sign out from Google Account

  • Then locate ‘accounts’ or ‘ Users and account’.

Remove Gmail Account

  • Tap on Google, WhatsApp, Facebook or any app you will like to remove your Google Account.

Remove Gmail Account From a Phone

  • Choose the Gmail you will like to remove and click on the 3-dotted lines at the right corners. If your device is running on Android Oreo, simply click on remove account. There is no need for clicking on the 3-dotted lines.
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Once done, you have signed out of your Google account.

How to Remove Gmail Account if Your Phone is stolen

If your phone is stolen or you lost your phone, you can remove the Gmail account that is linked to the phone. This is to prevent access to your Gmail account and it could dangerous. You never can tell the type of information the person might be privy to.

You will need to do this on the web and within minutes you are done.

  • Visit the
  • Navigate to ‘Device activity & security events‘. You can find this under ‘Sign in & security’.
  • Go to ‘ Review Devices’ and here all devices you are signed in will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the one you intend to sign out from and then tap ‘Remove’.
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That is it. You have successfully removed your Google account associated with the phone. Also, tracking of location is possible and this step does that.


You can sign out whether with your device or another device and you can sign out from all devices. Also, you can share your opinions with us.

How to Sign Out or Remove your Gmail Account from Any Device
Ikechukwu Nwuzoh