Tecno Camon X VS Infinix Hot S3: Which One Will You Buy?

The TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3 battle is about to begin. Only one winner will emerge in this midrange war between TECNO latest smartphone the Camon X and Infinix’s latest smartphone Hot S3. TECNO’s selfie-focused series, Camon, just got a nice addition to the list on the 5th of April in Nigeria. The TECNO Camon X might just be TECNO’s best Camon smartphone with its jaw-dropping specs.

Tecno Camon X VS Infinix Hot S3

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The Infinix Hot S3 was released recently in Lagos as the latest addition to the HotS midrange series as well. If there’s one thing both devices have in common from afar, is the full view display.

This is not the first bezel-less smartphone from TECNO though, the TECNO Camon CM sports the feature. However, this is the first Infinix smartphone with an 18:9 aspect ratio as known as full display screen but doesn’t make it handicap against the Camon X?

Which of these beauties will you buy? Which one has the best selfie camera? Which one has a long lasting battery and best performance?  All your questions will be answered in this specs comparison showdown between TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3.

TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3 – DESIGN

One thing is for sure, both devices look better than most midrange smartphones. The Camon X sports a plastic overall unibody with a non-removable back cover same as the Hot S3.

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The rear camera and LED flash are vertical at the top left corner on the Hot S3, which is more trendy than the horizontal position as seen on the Camon X.

Camon X design

The Infinix Hot S3 measures 8.3mm in thickness which is very bulky compared to the 7.8mm the Camon X measures. The Camon X weighs just 152g while the Hot S3 weighs around 157g.

infinix-hot-s3-Tecno Camon X VS Infinix Hot S3

The bigger battery on the Infinix Hot S3 might have contributed to the weight, Nonetheless, they both have a few similarities in terms of design, like the same fingerprint scanner and logo position.

Overall, the Camon X won this round for me, the dual curved lines on this baby are simply stunning.

TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3 – DISPLAY

Literally the battle of the bezel-less, its obvious they both dish out impressive 18:9 aspect ratio display. But how sharp are the visuals? The Hot S3 has a 5.7-inch HD+ screen with a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels and 295 pixel per inch density. The Camon X has a bigger 6-inch with the same HD+ screen and a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels but lower pixel per inch density of 282.

Details on the Hot S3 will obviously be much clearer than the Camon X because of its pixel per inch density. But big-screen lovers might find the Camon X more appealing. This depends entirely on preference and how big you want your screen to be. Personally, the Infinix Hot S3 wins this round for me, a bigger screen with a low pixel per inch density will never win me over.

TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3 – CAMERA

This should be fun, we all know that the Camon series are photography focused but Infinix smartphones don’t shy away from photography as well. Starting at the rear. The 13MP rear shooter with f/2.0 aperture on the Hot S3 comes with a dual-LED flash and takes quality photos. While the 16MP rear shooter on the Camon X has f/2.0 aperture has a quad ring flash to enable you to illuminate the darkest of an environment.

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The rear camera on the Camon X comes with more features like a Superpixel mode. For selfies, they both have the same 20MP selfie camera with dual-LED flash as well. However, the dual-LED flash on the Camon X can be adjusted to suit the time of the day, according to the company. The selfie camera on the Camon X has the AI technology which is not on the Hot S3. This is a sweet victory for the TECNO Camon X.

TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3 – HARDWARE and SOFTWARE

The Camon X has a MediaTek Helio P23 chip with Octa-core processor that clocks at 2.0 GHz. While the Hot S3 houses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chip with Octa-core processor that clocks at 1.4 GHz. The Camon X should be able to execute tasks much faster, but it’s still a close call because they both have the same 3GB of RAM. If you’re into storage space, the Hot S3 might be your best choice here coming with 32GB while the Camon X lags behind at 16GB.

Nonetheless, they are both upgradeable up to 128GB with a memory card. The Hot S3 runs on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, while Camon X runs on Android 8.1 Oreo and has an inner cooling system to cool the device whenever it gets hurt. Another competitive department for this two beauties, but personally, I will go with the Infinix Hot S3 because of the bigger internal storage.

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TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3-Face ID

Both devices have Face ID but you may have to update your Infinix Hot S3 to get Face ID while the Camon X is already shipped with this features. Also, the Face ID on the Camon X is a bit faster than the one on the Infinix Hot S3.

TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3 – BATTERY

Another sweet win for Infinix Hot S3, the 4000mAh battery on the device is non-removable and supports fast charging. While the Camon X is powered by a 3750mAh battery with fast charge as well. The Hot S3 has 250mAh more than the Camon X and should last longer than the Camon X.

TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3 – Price Comparison

The Camon X is relatively cheaper at N58,000, while the Hot S3 is more expensive going for N62,000. There’s no winner here though, it’s all about your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. However, the Camon X does offer great value for money. Lemme know what you think about the pricing of both devices.

TECNO Camon X vs Infinix Hot S3 – Conclusion

They are both stunning with amazing display and definitely a close call and quite competitive. The Hot S3 is for bigger storage space and battery lovers, while the Camon X is for photography lovers. But for overall usage and features, the TECNO Camon X reigns supreme here. But like I said here, it all boils down to personal preference, so lemme know of these devices you will as the best and why.

Tecno Camon X VS Infinix Hot S3: Which One Will You Buy?
Joseph Young