I know many people will be expecting Mac book to be in the number one but there some fearure you need to consider before buying a laptop for programming.

Important of the Features of a laptop that is perfect for programming are:

1. Memory

Mermory of the system is very importany, before buying a laptop for programming you must consider the mermory which must be at least 16 GIG RAM.

2. The Size of the screen

The size of the screen  though many may not find this important but is very neccesary in the sense that you be able to see everything clearly. If you buy a system with bigger screen it will be alot easier than small screen laptop. As a programmer you should be aware that nothing less than 12.3 inch screen is preferable

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3. The intel core face
Another thing you always take note of this pointpoint, wether you are new or proffeaional programmer.
You should know that nothing less than intel core face i5 is required.

4.The Graphics Design 

Also take note of the graphic design, the ability of the laptop when it comes to graphic design.

Let take look to to awesome system that a superb and are fabulous.

1. Lenovo Think Pad X1

Image of Lenovo thinkpad x1

I know many wouldn’t expect this but the fact is that, Lenovo Think Pad is the number 1 for the job according to research.


Let take a look at some the part of the feature why is the number

  • The mermory: is as 64G RAM and the storage is up to 1TB SSD, see why is perfect for the job
  • The system CPU is 8th generation intel core face i7
  • On The Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti with Max Q-design
  • On The Screen : 15.6 inch

2.Mac Book Pro

images 3

  • Memory: 16 Gig RAM and up to 512 Gig to 8 TBS SSD
  • The system CPU generation is better than the first because is 9th generation and Intel Core i8
  • The System Screen :16 icnh
  • On the Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5300M – 5500M
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3. HP Spectre x360

images 4

  • Memory: 8-16 Gig RAM and about 256 Gig – 2TB SSD
  • The System CPU is 9th generation intel core i9
  • On The Screen it is 13.3 inch FHD 1920x 1080 IPS Bright View Micro Edge WLED Backlit.
  • On The Graphics: it as Intel Iris Plus Graphics

4. Micro Surface Pro 7

images 5

  • The System CPU is 10th generation with Intel Core i3- i7
  • Mermory: It as 16 Gig RAM and 128 -1TB SSD
  • On The Screen: it is 12.3 pixel sense display
  • On The Graphics: It as Intel UHD Graphics also Iris Plus Graphics.

Thanks for your time.

What are your opinions.

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