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Odukar Store Black Friday Sales: Top Electronic Deals in Uganda

Every November, all we hear about is Black Friday this, Black Friday that. Well, the day has finally arrived and Odukar store is offering some jaw-dropping deals on electronics across Uganda....

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams: Feature and Price Comparison

Two of the top video conferencing tools currently are Microsoft Teams and Zoom. In just a short period, these tools have cemented their place as one of the best tools for...

How to Export All Your Photos From Google Photos

Google Photos is a core part of the Google product/services ecosystem for the past few years. And this is mostly due to its free unlimited photo uploads. Last week, reports about Google...

Twitter Launches ‘Fleets’ — a Story-Like Feature

Social media platform, Twitter has announced the launch of ‘Fleets’. Fleets is a new feature that enables Twitter users to join in on momentary, or trending conversations without actually tweeting about...

How to Cast Google Meet video calls to TV via Chromecast

Google recently added ability to cast Google Meet Meetings to any Chromecast-compatible SmartTV or device like the Chromecast. I have a Chromecast connected to my Tele so I decided to call...

How good are Telegram video calls

This month, Telegram marked 7 years. To celebrate this milestone, the chat app also announced a long-awaited feature that’s kept it in the rear mirror of competitors like Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat...

CAPTCHA vs Bots: Are you a Robot or Not

‘With great power comes great responsibility” Uncle Ben once said to Spiderman and on the web today, advancement in technology has made it necessary for you to verify if you.re human....

7 Zoom Meeting Tips You Should Try Out

The large, ongoing global transition to remote work has increased the need for video conferencing apps like Zoom. In this piece, we aggregate a list of 7 zoom meeting tips that...

Apple One: Access All of Apple’s Services With a Single Subscription

Just like previous editions of Apple’s annual event, this year’s was just as exciting, if not more. The Big-A revealed a bunch of new products and services ranging from hardware to...

How to Change Your Zoom Background on PC and Mobile

If you prefer not to show your messy living room during a Zoom meeting, then this post is for you. You can easily change your Zoom background image during a meeting....


Best Live TV streaming apps like Kodi

PHONECORRIDOR Best Live TV streaming apps like Kodi See all the best Live TV streaming apps like Kodi you can try out. Kodi is one of...