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Anker PowerWave 10W Wireless Charging Stand Review

Albeit the technology went mainstream since 2012, I didn’t really take wireless charging seriously until recently. Obviously, wireless power itself dates back to the 19th century when Michael Faraday proved that...

Anker’s PowerIQ vs Quick Charge vs Power Delivery: What are the differences?

Until someone at a secret lab somewhere comes up with a mobile energy miracle, charging our devices is going to be an everyday chore we can’t live without. Your smartphone, tablet,...

Chromecast vs Miracast: How the two wireless display technologies differ

It’s open season for the unruly mess that is wired connections. As we continue to envision a future without crisscrossing wires on interconnected devices, let’s take a moment to shine a...

Tecno Hipods H2 review: More bang for the buck

Tecno’s foray into the wireless Bluetooth earbuds head-space has not gone without notice. Indeed Tecno comes into its own with the Tecno Hipods H2 to deliver true wireless stereo earphones augmented...

Top 6 AirPods Pro Tricks You Should Know

If you just got the AirPods Pro or you’ve had it for a while, this post will reveal some not-so-hidden tips, tricks, and configurations that can help you get the best...

What Samsung Devices Support Wireless Charging

Fewer cords, safer connections. This, among others, is what you get with wireless charging. Apple was one of the first companies to popularise wireless charging. Since then, other companies have joined...

iPhone 12 doesn’t come with a charger; Here are 5 best USB-C Fast Chargers

Apple has dumped a charging brick along with the wired earphones from the box of the latest iPhone 12 and the Apple Watch Series 6. The company, however, includes a USB-C...

6 Best USB-C to Lightning Cables You Can Buy Right Now

The lightning port is still king of the hill in the iPhone ecosystem despite all hopes that it would be replaced with the more universal USB-C port. The Lightning port has...

Anker PowerWave 10W Wireless Charging Pad Review

Wireless charging is the future of juicing up the battery powering your smartphone, earbuds, and anything in between. Almost every major smartphone flagship in 2020 is supporting some form of wireless...

USB-C Cable Buying Guide

If we lived in a perfect world, USB-C or USB Type-C connector and cable would be the last port and cable you would ever need. Unfortunately, even though that’s how it...


How To Recharge Your Phone With Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code

PHONECORRIDOR How To Recharge Your Phone With Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code Zenith Bank is among the best Banks in Nigeria in term of mobile banking....