Sure Powerpoint is a great solution but the Microsoft Office Suite can quickly becomes expensive.

The good news is that there are many easy-to-use alternatives that you can use for free to design the perfect presentation.

That’s why in this article we are going to present you some of the best free Microsoft Powerpoint alternatives to create awesome presentations.

Google Slides: the best free and collaborative PowerPoint alternative

Google Slides is one of the best free PowerPoint alternatives. Indeed, this collaborative software is full of rich features and enables various people to edit the same document.

As it’s part of the G suite, it is perfectly integrated into Google productivity ecosystem.
The solution is able to open, edit and save a Powerpoint file and best news of all: it’s totally free to use.

Thus, it’s the best free alternative to create beautiful slides and overall presentations.

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Impress: the app part of the LibreOffice open source ecosystem

Impress has a wide range of features such as simple drawing and diagramming tools to help you add elegance to your presentation.

Furthermore, you may use slide show animations and effects to bring your presentation to life. The Fontworks application allows you to turn text into appealing 2D and 3D graphics in order to enrich your slides.

Last but not least, Impress has a huge collection of free templates that users can use to create their presentations.

Keynote: the easy-to-use Powerpoint alternative for mac users

Keynote is a presentation software part of the iWorks suite. It is available on both macOS and iOS.

Well known in the Apple ecosystem, this tool provides many slide templates, great visual effects to enrich your presentation and the ability to export your slides in many different formats.

Keynote is also a great solution for professionals as it is possible for various users to make edits on the same slides. Thus it is great alternative to Powerpoint if various team members need to contribute to a common presentation.

Last but not least, Keynote presentations generally looks great to present during a conference call.

We hope that these software will help you to boost your productivity.

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