Spreadsheets have taken a prominent place in the offices and in the daily tasks of millions of workers across the glove.

Indeed, they are pretty straightforward and can be used in many ways: monitoring a budget, keeping track of your stocks, analysing the latests sales or performing data analysis.

Microsoft Excel comes with the paying Microsoft Office 365 suite at the following price: $99.99 per year.

But in this article, we are going to recommend you the best free Microsoft Excel alternatives software that you can download right away.

1. Google Sheets : the best Excel alternative to work and stock your spreadsheets online

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet software that is part of Google’s free Google Docs Editors package.
Google Sheets is a web application but is also available as a mobile app for the following OS platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry.

Another advantage of Google Sheets is that Microsoft Excel file types are compatible with the app.

Thanks to Google Sheets, people may create and modify files online while collaborating in real time with other users. The user’s edits are logged, and a revision history shows the changes.

Moreover, the position of an editor is indicated by a special color and cursor, and a permissions system limits what users may do.

Last but not least, machine learning capabilities have been included in recent updates.

2. Apple Numbers: a great Excel alternative for Mac users

Apple’s Numbers is a spreadsheet program that is part of the iWork productivity package. Numbers works on a variety of Apple devices as it is compatible with iOS and macOS Sierra or later.

Moreover, Numbers is also available on iPad and iPhones as an app.

Numbers is great if you need to do a lot of data analysis across many sheets as it’s very visual and easy to use.

Last but not least, it’s packed with a huge amount of functions and formulas to make your work easier.

It’s definitely a great free alternative to Excel for Mac users.

3. LibreOffice Calc: the free open-source contender to Excel

If you are looking for an open-source alternative to Excel, LibreOffice Calc might be the right solution for you.

Indeed, professional data analysts and number crunchers like the full variety of sophisticated features, which are straightforward and easy to master for newcomers.

The built-in wizards help you choose and use a wide range of sophisticated functions. You may also get ready-to-use spreadsheet solutions by downloading templates from the LibreOffice template library.

LibreOffice Calc is definitely the best open-source alternative to Excel available on the web right.

Give it a try.

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