Word processors are among the devices on computers and smartphones most owned in the past. We use them, amongst others, to write papers, draft work. Google Docs and Microsoft Word are 2 of the word processing software most frequently used. So, which one will you prefer between Google Docs vs Microsoft Word? Let’s walk you with the distinctions between the two, listing the advantages and drawbacks of both while you’re at it.


Google Docs is available free of cost to everybody that has a Google account. Business users pay concerning $5 per month however this bundle will not be needed if you are most likely to utilize the platform as an individual. On the other hand, Microsoft Word is readily available as part of the Microsoft Office suite which can be purchased at a one-time cost of $500. You can as well get MS Word from Microsoft 365 at an annual fee of $70.

Although Google Docs is complimentary, it is not as feature-packed as to MS Word. Even more of this later in this short article. Both Google Docs and MS Word can be accessed on all major systems, that is, Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, as well as Linux.

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Offline Accessibility

Microsoft Word vs Google Doc

If you require a word processor to make use of offline, Microsoft Word is the best choice for you. You can conveniently create brand-new documents while offline and after that publish them onto the cloud once you go online. This isn’t the case nevertheless with Google Docs. Although you can still produce, watch, and modify documents offline on Google Docs, you would need to have a web connection to sync the adjustments across your devices.


As earlier gone over, Google Docs begins the cheap but this is at the expense of sophisticated features and performance. With MS Word, you are able to get better table format, even more control over text styles, far better page numbering, to name a few. You can also accomplish this when utilizing Google Docs with third-party expansions on your Chrome web browser to assist you to avail of several of those features.

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Cloud and Syncing

Microsoft Word vs Google Doc

Both Google Docs and also Microsoft word offer cloud abilities making it simple to backup files. You need to have a Microsoft 365 account in order to access the cloud ability of MS Word. On the other hand, you require a Google account in order to backup your papers on the cloud using Google Docs. However, Google Docs attracts attention in this area due to the fact that;

Conserving of any type of change is done automatically to the cloud. By doing this, you can not be fretted about the sudden loss of information because of concerns like power cuts.
You have the ability to see and revise any kind of changes made to your document.
File Formats

Data on Google Docs are saved as one kind although you can download data in various document formats, including DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, plain text, and also HTML. Microsoft Word uses a bigger selection of document layouts that you can save your papers in. It is additionally feasible to open PDF files in MS Word, edit them and save them back as PDF papers, something that is alien to Google Docs.

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Both Microsoft Word and Google Docs provide assistance for cooperation. For MS Word, you will need to utilize Microsoft 365 to enjoy this functionality. Google Docs borders MS Word below because you are able to manage that can modify, see, or discuss your record.

As you can see, the battle of Google Docs vs Microsoft Word a challenging one. Both word processors are neck and neck, supplying comparable attributes– although some are advanced than others. For basic word processing, as well as can work. If you need to backup your documents regularly and also do not wish to fret about it, Google Docs is the answer for you. If you require additional format your record and also includes features like watermarks and web page border, MS Word is your solution.

Which of both is your favored word processing program and also what features do you like concerning it? Show us in the comments section listed below.