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Who we are is a technology news magazine which provides in-depth articles, comprehensive guides and interviews of professionals of the field.

Founded in 2021 in Valencia by Matt, our team is composed of tech enthusiasts from different fields (Data Science, Digital Marketing, Programming and Business Development).

Our mission is to explain the latest tech trends and how today’s technology might impact tomorrow’s world.

Matt, founder of

Our readers are tech-savvy persons from all over the world, who want to better understand how technology might impact the future of our society.

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We are a Team of tech enthusiasts with various expertise.


Matt is a Digital Marketing professional with more than 5 years of experience and a tech-savvy person. He founded in 2021 in order to provide insights on technology and its impact on our society. He writes about tech news and social media trends.


Julia is a programmer by day and geek by night. She joined in 2021 after meeting Matt. She writes about softwares and applications.


Peter is an entrepreneur at heart who is always looking to the latest tech trends. He joined in 2021 and writes how-to guides in order to help our reader.

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