If you’re a fan of manga, then chances are it’s been hard for you to find good sites to read them online. It can be tough finding one that has all the latest and greatest releases and is updated regularly with new content.

Here are 5 great websites where you can read manga for free.

1. MangaEden

This is one of the most popular manga sites out there and it’s no surprise why. With over 500 titles to choose from, many of which are frequently updated, you’re bound to find something that interests you. There are English-translated versions as well as the original Japanese manga for those who like their comics.

2. MangaTown

This site is similar to MangaEden in that it offers up translated versions of popular manga titles as well as the original Japanese version. A nice feature with this site is that it’s bilingual, one side is in English and on the other is Japanese. There are currently more than 500 manga available here and they add new content on a weekly basis.

3. VizManga

This site offers up some of the most popular series, while also providing an option to read its content in multiple languages including; English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Currently, VizManga has over 300 titles available to read online for free.

4. 9Manga

This is another excellent manga resource that has been around for years now offering up a huge library of content from various genres including comedy, horror, fantasy and much more. New chapters are added every week and the site is translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese.

5. MangaFox

This site has been around for years now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. There are over 600 manga you can choose from here, many of which are regularly updated. The majority of its content is officially licensed so it will cost to use if you like what you read online.


If you’re a fan of manga and want to be able to read it legally, these 5 places are the best out there. Each site offers something different; whether that’s access to older series or translations into multiple languages.

Whatever it is you’re looking for in terms of manga, you’ll find it there.

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