Since the pandemic, people are thriving remotely through video conferencing. Students have moved their classes online. Employees now meet with their bosses face to face, but not in person. Everyone sits on their couches and recliners to get their work done just as before – together, but apart.

For the avid indoors-men, this sounds like a perk. But for many others, it’s a head-scratching, confusing maze, especially when this new norm requires adjusting, better listening, and recognizing another’s pet or child doing something in the background. While the last couldn’t simply be avoided, there are ways to make video conferencing more convenient. When picking apps, choose ones that boast of better visual and audio clarity. Here are some of the best video conferencing programs to consider:

Zoom: the professional software for meetings

This app is used everywhere – from morning show broadcasts to Lady Gaga’s One World: Together at Home concert. The quarantine season has boosted this app’s reputation for a reason: it allows multiple users to log in at once, giving choirs a chance to sing their own lines and orchestra bands to wield their instruments. Zoom is the perfect work and post-work party hangout and offers a variety of customizable backgrounds – just in case you don’t want them to see your house.

Skype: the solution for casual meetings

Skype is a constant favorite, a platform that allows uses to hold video meetings minus the hassles of logging in. Non-Skype members can join by simply accessing a link. Unlike Zoom, Skype video conferences are limited to 25 people, but that’s already a good number to keep the crowd uncluttered.

GoToMeeting: a good Zoom alternative

GoToMeeting is a free software that ramps up Zoom’s notch: it can let 250 members join in a single conference. Take note; only 25 faces share a webcam at the same time. With an easy-to-use platform just like Zoom, GoToMeeting is slowly piercing through the video conference crowd with its clear audio and visual features.

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